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They save, You earn up to $100

You are paid Rewards on the orders the registered customer(except existing Level 3 or above customer) you referred places within 15 days of clicking your link. If someone comes to online via your referral link, and registers as one of TVC-Mall members, that person will get up to 15% off coupon codes for his / her first order, when he / she makes a purchase, 30 days after shipment, you will receive 3% - $100 rewards of the order value(As the order value will be changed before delivering, the rewards will be calculated according to the amount after shipping).

Commission Packages:

Order Value Received Points

Cash Back Equivalent Amount

(Rate: 30 points = USD$1)

$0.00 100% $1 per $30 in referrals (3% commission)
$500.00 120% $4 per $100 in referrals (4% commission)
$1,000.00 150% $5 per $100 in referrals (5% commission)
≥$2,000.00 3,000 Points $100 per order

Easy ways to share:

Share products or homepage. Go to your favorite product, category page, or homepage. Next, click on the Share button on the top-right corner to share your Reward links of these pages with others, or just copy Reward links to your friends.

Share custom links. Pick up any link you want to share and generate another link with your exclusive Reward ID(e.g., Copy and Share your custom link with your friends.

Or you just contact and request the link you need for your website.

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